Dave Hartman is excited to be an Award-Winning Interior Designer in Dallas, Texas. He has over eight years of experience and has worked on hundreds of projects. His experience brings two Bachelor’s degrees together (Computer Science & Interior Design) to draw out the most of every interior space.

What he brings to the table is a deep technical understanding of the built environment. By using architectural clouds, unique paneling, LED lighting, furniture and more, he turns a simple lobby or waiting room into a work of art.

Dave has always had a panache for tasteful spaces and poignant art. Having toured Singapore, Sydney and Saudi Arabia, his rich art collection and downtown loft represent a contemporary style that creates inspiration within even the smallest spaces and the tightest budgets. His personal experiences in managing both types of limitations make him an excellent manager and decision maker.

Dave’s strongest attributes, however, are not in his eloquent designs, but in his ability to listen. Above all else, he captures a client’s deepest concerns and greatest strengths. He amplifies a client’s best qualities into a shining design that compliments and extends their personality into the space. Dave is passionate, excited and reliable. He goes beyond great service for every client, bringing dedication and talent to every space, refusing to give up until the client is completely inspired.